Proud to be Spanish

Soni Montins

When you arrive at London, immediately realize that there are some people, almost elevated to the status of God, that you should/must know if you are standing with your feet on British soil. Magnificient, intelligent and extremely excellent people that have left their mark in the history of this country like Charles Barry. He was the responsible of Trafalgar Square architecture and the rebuilding of Westminster Palace, which was near enough to finish with his life because of stress and fatigue… (normal).

Furthermore, no mentioning Queen Victoria is impossible because there are more places, buildings, streets and statues around London which have her name than days she was on the throne (and she was 64 years in it¡).

And of course we cannot forget Horatio Nelson, called to fight with The Royal Navy so many times that even he lost the count. And in fact, he was also a loser, first he lost his right eye, consequently he was losing the totality of his sight, after, he lost the lower part of his arm and at the end he lost his life in the Battle of Trafalgar. But it’s not the important thing, because Admiral Nelson, even death, won this Napoleonic Battle against the combined fleets of French and Spanish Navy and that’s why, nowadays he is elevated in a VIP position in Trafalgar Square, which is 50 metres above the soil where he can descry his beloved sea and give instructions to the seagulls.


With time, you realize that English people are very proud of their history and their personalities, but if you spend a little more time here, you also would realize that an important part of English humour consist in being proud of the shameful things of their history and their heros. That’s why if you eat too much Yorkshire pudding your bottom could be bigger than Queen Victoria who had a bigger one because she spent 64 years sitting on the throne, or maybe in a pub, you could be more thirsty than Nelson, who was transported in a banel of brandy to preserve his body, from Spain to England and when the ship arrived, the banel was empty. Who drank the schnapps? Wherever did it, I’m a proud person too because tha last brandy that Nelson drank was SPANISH.

Big Ben y Olé

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